Scott Helmer
I am a Certified Mindset Performance Specialist.  I coach individuals towards a dynamic mindset that yields life changing results.  So whether you want to finally get healthy and fit,  you want better relationships, or you are looking for your "passion" in life, come join me on the journey and experience first hand what has been missing from your life.  Mindset Matters Most!
"For anyone new to the idea that your mindset controls your destiny, Scott’s training will set you on the right path to creating more success in your life than you ever thought possible!"

Tracey S. & Jane P.
"Thanks Scott.  Love your work my friend. Thanks for doing what you do."

Jade Teta
Owner/Founder/CEO Metabolic Effect
"In taking this course I was able to start figuring out who I am. That is funny to say at this point in my life. I have always been a people pleaser and want to do the “right” thing, which isn’t always right for me. I found out that I matter.

I have to know who I am before I can help anyone. This course helped me to see that. It helped me to focus on goals, how I expect to reach my goals and more importantly, what goals do I have."

Andi A.

"Scott's Mindset Performance course finally got me to see that my "story" was exactly what was holding me back from reaching my true self!  I was a self-sabotager for years and now I realize that to be happy and successful, I had to release from why I wasn't!  Awesome!"

Rita A.